I have been through an online course on finding one’s centre of energy and I have learnt quite a great deal. Each entity must find and focus on its energy source to perform at optimum level.

In each of us is a centre of energy which when tapped into will lead one to full awareness of their being and thus increase performance output. This is achieved through a deliberate effort to get to the core of your being by simple quite time and much concentration inwardly.Most are able to achieve this through meditation.

In business, each organisation must know its source of energy and centre all its focus on that. But with the dynamic changes that are bound to come in the market place such as customer behaviour, technological shifts as well as economic shifts, how can a company manage to maintain its energy flow?

The good news is that the energy flow is just as dynamic and shifts with each deliberate effort we make to carry out a motion. Just as you will be able to hear better, feel with more empathy and sense intuitively with sharpness, so would a company heighten its customer sensitivity through centering.

Amazon introduced the drone in a bid to maximise on its delivery role as an online seller. They realised that their core strength lay in convenience to the busy buyer and they wanted to make the experience as quick as possible thus finding more ways to deliver goods faster is one sure way they could achieve that.

In my next article, I will be talking about the technology life cycle to help you know when your center results have lost essence and how to re-define them for continued peak performance during the cycle. What would determine your product’s life cycle is how relevant it is in the running market and finding just how to make it relevant is what we are referring to as “finding your energy centre.”

Essentially, to keep your product or service provision at the height of success is knowing the customer and what makes them seek you out from a horde of other service providers.Once you find that, maintain that and this does not mean that you stay stagnant and should become stale; it means that you should focus all your energy on that aspect that drives them flocking to your site pages.



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