It is with Pride and much Pleasure that I announce our first winner in a series of Writing Competitions from Word Curate Hub in collaboration with The Master Student.

We were running with the theme “Learn, Write and Win” for our writing competition. Students up to the age of 23 were invited from around, through a face-book campaign, to choose and research on one of four topics given on Word Curate Hub Academy;

Tinashe Muzondo was one of the only 3 students who had enrolled in the course (part of the qualification requirements) and submitted essays. He is the 2019 Headboy at Murehwa High School, a talented and accomplished Volley-ball player who has also won 2nd prize in essay writing with WWF in 2017. Tinashe comes from a humble mother-headed family of 4, his father having passed on when he was only 9.

Tinashe and classmates coming from a field trip

His essay was titled “If I were a Bank Owner in Zimbabwe” which focused on the current economic cash crunches the country is currently facing,This essay made it to Number. 1 because of the insights into current prevailing economic issues which rather articulated the concerns of many, both in the formal and informal financial sectors. It displayed much depth of research.An excerpt of the intro from Tinashe’s essay reads;

The liquidity crisis has beleaguered banks and has been bedeviling companies since 2009, after the introduction of the multi-currency system which has affected the Zimbabwean economic development .if I were a bank in Zimbabwe I would take various steps in the betterment if the banking sector in Zimbabwe.

He is currently majoring in the three A’level subjects; Geography, Agriculture and Food Technology. Tina envisions a malnutrition-free and sustainable Zimbabwe and is very much keen on the Agricultural developments in Zimbabwe in a bid to help combat food shortages and hunger in the country. His goals are to become an active Agriculturalist.

For his essay, Tinashe Muzondo won himself prize money to the value of $50.00, full enrollment in the Word Curate Hub Academy courses, a patronage opportunity for mentor-ship with The Master Student.

Proud Sponsor of the “Learn, Write and Win” Competition!

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