I have realised from the various seminars and conferences we held that there is a certain fear in many of the market segment that we know as -online business platforms.The question that I get the most would be; Can I do online marketing for my type of skill? The answer is …

Everything! You can market any skill of your online, even that which you do not do via a computer! I follow blogs and posts by Blurred Images and it has opened my eyes even wider. The posts are all on poetry pieces, crazy abstracts and rhyming verse and they make for much engagement for those who, like me, appreciate all things wordy.

My point is when we read the literary pieces for academic purposes who would have though that someday we would see them written beautifully on a site page as a post? But check this out;


So in answer to all those who wonder what it is they can market online from their select skills, i will say this; Go for it with whatever you have at hand!

Goal Setting at work again

You will need to set a focal point for all your exertions in the future. You do love clay modeling, you are a sculpture or an office tycoon financial accountant, how far up the ladder of success do you see yourself. At what magnitude?

If you do imagine even hazily that at some point you will have a wide sphere of influence, then get selling online!

Believe me, there is every reason for you to increase your coverage, I will only appeal to one side of your personal purpose fulfillment side. Indeed there are many out there that you can help by simply pitching your expertise out there at -well precisely -their service.

So first, I need you to identify the one skill in which you positively excel and think of how far you want to see yourself go with that skill. When you do, follow these posts as I am dedicated to taking you through the most lucrative but seemingly mysterious journey of your life as an online seller in whatever niche you opt for.

Watch this video to see how someone can pitch their artwork as an online business…

So do you have a skill you wish you could take out there? Are you wondering how you can do it? Do you want a following for what you can do so well?Well, in the next posts, we are going to talk about the step by step journey towards building and establishing your own brand online -again I will confidently say it – in whatever niche!

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